Community Guidelines

Scratch That is a community-led project which aims to improve the general public’s understanding of Topical Steroid Withdrawal, whilst also providing support for those suffering from it. 

We aim to provide the most accurate, unbiased and up to date information as possible based on scientific studies and patient experience. 

In order to best represent and protect our community, we have outlined the following rules. If you want to be a part of the Scratch That community and campaign for us, you must agree with the following:


  1. You must never encourage someone to stop medication, including steroids. This is a discussion that must only be had between a patient and their doctor. We strongly believe this is a decision that must be made only by the patient with support from a doctor if possible. All you can do is arm them with information.
  2. You must never encourage someone to reject modern medicine or to stop seeing their doctor. It is imperative that a patient maintains a good relationship with their doctor, especially if they are suffering from topical steroid withdrawal.
  3. You must not use our campaign to attack the medical community, but to start conversations. Our campaign aims to arm patients with the full amount of information they need to make an informed decision about their treatment plan. We want to work with the medical community in order to solve this problem. We do not believe anyone in the medical community has intentionally made us ill. 
  4. You must not push a patient to treat their TSW in any particular way, or indeed shame them for choosing a particular treatment. Everyone experiences this condition differently, and therefore treatments will vary. This is a personal decision, there is no right or wrong way to heal from TSW.
  5. You must not promote pseudoscientific theories as a treatment for TSW as this is misleading and potentially very harmful.