When you have TSW, you will likely try anything to get some relief.

It is very easy to fall for scams, fads and diets all promising they will heal you faster when you are in this vulnerable and desperate state.

The sad reality with TSW is that almost nothing will speed up the process. If there is something you really want to try, make sure you read lots of reviews and experiences from other TSW sufferers who have tried the treatment first.

It is easy and tempting to spend a lot of money very quickly on anything that claims to help, but you must be wary as you are just the kind of customer these companies are looking to exploit.

From our own personal experience, and the testimonies of many other sufferers, Scratch That recommends that you avoid:

  • Detox kits – these claim they can rid your body of ‘toxins’ quicker but they are always a scam. Nothing can rid your body of toxins but your liver. This is a buzzword many companies use and have no evidence to back up their claims.
  • Detox diets – there are so many diets out there that claim to be able to ‘heal’ you through food. While many claim diets high in fruit and veg have helped, you should be careful about making drastic changes to your diet. Cutting out large food groups may actually be detrimental to your health; inclusive diets (which involve adding in more diverse foods) are much safer.