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Self Care

It can be really hard to take care of yourself like you normally would when going through TSW. Maybe you can’t jump in a nice hot bath or put on a face mask like you used to, but there are other things you can do.

Here are some tips from the community:

  • Video games. You get so focused on them you forget you’re itchy.

  • Movie Night. Netflix, (something lighthearted), fairy lights, your favourite snack.

  • Get Creative. Painting by numbers, calligraphy, colouring in.

  • Take some time off work. Recognise that TSW is a serious illness and don’t push yourself too hard.

  • Get comfy. Buy yourself some extremely soft and cosy clothes, pjs, slippers and blankets to snuggle up in.

  • Try meditation. Breathe in an out, try some breathing exercises or yoga.

  • Stay clean. Get some fresh sheets on your bed, take a warm bath.

  • Treat yourself. Order in your favourite food or snack. TSW can make you super hungry and you need the energy.

  • Take care of some plants. This allows you to focus on something else that needs your attention.

  • Get your nails done. Go to the salon and get some thick, short acrylics – the stop you doing so much damage when you scratch.

Thinking of trying to exercise?

It may be impossible to do this if you are really ill. However if you are feeling up to it, it’s really important that you get your body moving again.

Exercise tips


The amount of discomfort TSW causes can make it impossible to exercise. Do not beat yourself up about this, it is important that you rest as much as possible in order to recover.

It may be the case that you hardly move for weeks and months on end as TSW causes you too much discomfort. 

However it is important to keep moving to prevent muscle wastage and help your lymphatic system. This is key for skin recovery – many report that exercise which stimulates the lymphatic system has helped their skin recover quicker. A popular form of exercise for TSW sufferers which doesn’t put too much strain on the skin is trampolining. You can get a mini one which can be used in the house!

Exercise & sweat

Topical Steroid Withdrawal can affect the way you sweat. In the early stages, it is common to not be able to sweat at all. It has also been commonly reported that sufferers start to excessively sweat once they start to recover as their sweat glands repair. Sweat can really irritate sensitive TSW skin and it is best to carry out gentle forms of exercise that don’t trigger an itch fest. 

If you do sweat a lot during an exercise session, it is recommended that you wash it off in a quick, cool shower afterwards to prevent it irritating your skin further.


This is a gentle form of exercise and meditation which can help you get back in touch with your body and mind. Yoga is the perfect low intensity exercise for TSW sufferers.

Fellow TSW sufferer and yoga instructor Brittany Stephens has put together a gentle class suitable for TSW sufferers. Watch the video below.

Brittany’s Youtube channel has lots of TSW-friendly classes for you to follow.

Watch More Here

The following blog post has been kindly written by Brittany Stephens.

As many of you know, topical steroid withdrawal is like going uphill and downhill through different phases and cycles- each day truly looks a little different.

So, how do we exercise while going through some physically painful times?

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