December 8, 2020

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Report your TSW symptoms to MHRA.

For UK based TSW sufferers: report your suspected reactions to topical steroids via MHRA’s ‘Yellow Card Scheme’. Click on the button below for a walk through guide to filling out the online form:

Yellow Card Report GUIDE

MHRA are aware of TSW

They have recently conducted a review of cases and have encouraged us to report our own reactions.

  • Multiple corticosteroids can be included in one report.
  • As much detail as possible around dates of use would be particularly helpful.

Please report TSW to MHRA here:

Yellow Card Scheme

What if I can’t remember details about my prescriptions?

If you cannot remember which steroids you used or when, you can view your prescription history on the NHS app by signing up and entering your NHS number.

Alternatively, you can request a copy of your medical records from your GP surgery.


You can also report reactions via email, through the Yellow Card mobile app or by calling the Yellow Card freephone at 0800 731 6789